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Grand Lodge of the Month — May 2013

Grand Lodge of Florida Florida was claimed by various nations before becoming a state in 1845. It was first a Spanish Colony, and then sold to Great Britain in 1763, and then ceded back to Spain in 1783 and the whole territory was sold to the United States in 1821. The first Masonic lodges in the Florida territory was charted from Scotland in 1768 called Grant’s East Florida Lodge № 142. In 1771 St. Andrew’s Lodge in Pensacola was chartered with the most of the brothers of this lodge being members of St. George‚Äôs Lodge № 108 (military) attached to the 31st Regiment of Foot. Between the 1770s and early 1820s several lodges were organized but were short lived.

The first permanent Lodge in Florida was Jackson Lodge № 23 in Tallahassee, chartered by the Grand Lodge of Alabama in 1825. The Grand Lodge of Georgia Chartered Washington Lodge № 1 at Quincy in 1828 and Harmony Lodge in Jackson County in 1829. These three lodges met on July 6, 1830, and together formed the Grand Lodge of Florida. Florida's Masons created their grand jurisdiction 15 years before Florida joined the Union as the 27th state.

The Florida Masonic Home was built in 1902 near St. Petersburg. Originally for children and orphans over the years it developed into a retirement village and home for widows of Masons. Its 150,000 square foot facility accommodates nearly 200 residents.

Today, Grand Master Jorge L. Aladro presides over the Grand Lodge of Florida comprised of more than 290 Lodges with a membership of more than 45,000 brothers. Florida Freemasonry has had such prominent members as President Andrew Jackson (1767–1845) when he was territorial governor of Florida in 1821, Senator Charles O. Andrews (1877–1946), US Representative Claude D. Pepper (1900–1989) and Jefferson B. Brown (1857–1925 ) Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Count 1917–1923, among many other important Floridians.

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